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October 27, 2010

Adding Your Business To Google Maps with Google Places

Does your company rely on local business?

Local search engine marketing is one of the most straight forward and cost effective ways to market a local business.  The days of Yellow Books are over and more people are going to the internet for local information then ever before.

If you rely on local business, you company needs be listed on Google Maps.  To do this, you’ll need to get listed with Google Places. And it’s free!

Google Places - Get Your Business Listed (more…)

October 15, 2010

Video: State Of The Internet 2010

This video shows statistics related to the state of the internet in 2010.


1.73 Billion Internet Users Worldwide (Sept. 2009)

  • 418,029,796 in Europe
  • 67,371,700 in Africa
  • 20,970,490 in Oceania / Australia
  • 179,031,479 in Latin America / Caribbean
  • 252,908,000 in North America
  • 738,257,230 in Asia (more…)
October 4, 2010

Smart Google Searching – New Tools and Old Standby’s

smarter google searches einstein

The average internet user spends 2 hours per month searching sites like Google. Why Google? Because the average index of Google is 3 times larger than Yahoo’s index or MSN’s index.

Think you know how to search Google? Easy enough isn’t it? Just type and search.

Google has many tools to help make finding what you seek for easier & faster. In this article, I will review some basic and advanced features of the internet searching giant. You may be surprised to learn something new that makes your search experience easier. (more…)